For Our Note Buyers

Trinity Financial, LLC offers a broad range of services to those clients interested in purchasing notes through our company.  We know that, in the fast-paced world of finance, it’s necessary to jump on an opportunity the moment it becomes available, which is why we offer a fast bid process that will make it possible for you to receive a response within 2-5 business days, which our competition might take weeks to process bids.  This gives Trinity Financial customers a great advantage.

Traditional note buying typically involves approaching a firm with the specifications of what you’re looking for in a note.  Once you’ve finished this initial declaration, the firm you’re working with proceeds to research notes that meet the standards you’ve set, adding time to the process.  During this time opportunities can pass you by as the documentation gets located and processed.

Saving Time
Maximizing Results

Trinity Financial maintains a catalog of documentation for properties, eliminating the process of finding the necessary resources to set the bid plan in motion.  By going through Trinity Financial you get the benefit of an expedited process that will aid you in getting the notes you want, without all the time, hassle, and uncertainty involved in a 2-3 week wait.

Our financial analysts are on call, ready to start working for you to capture that note that can put your finances to work.  Buying notes is a great way to help build a secure portfolio, generate an income stream from collected mortgages or rents, and work towards securing the future of you and your family.


Trinity Financial Services, LLC always putting our clients future, first.

Expand Your Porfolio Today

Every passing moment is one where a great opportunity can pass you by. Don’t let the opportunity to purchase a profitable note pass you by while you're waiting for others to respond. By working with Trinity Financial, you can start bolstering your portfolio today.